• Resurrection Sunday (Bishop Tony Parry MA MBA)

    Bishop Parry delivers a powerful resurrection message to the body of believers at the New Testament Church of God that meets at 3 Easterly Road, Harehills Leeds. Glory to God

  • Palm Sunday (Bro Terry Gillifian)

    Brother Terry Gilfillian encourages the believers in Leeds that God has a specific purpose in mind and therefore we should be expecting to hear from The Lord. Let us like Samuel the prophet learn how to say "Speak Lord!"

  • Are You Ready To Do Your Part (Bishop Tony Parry MA MBA)

    In this season of restoration our beloved resident Bishop Parry of the Leeds New Testament Church of God speaks from 1 Samuel 30 : 6 - 8 calling the church to take back possession of that which is ours.

  • Mothering Sunday (Apostle Dr Carol Tomlin)

    Mothering Sunday at the New Testament Church of God hosts visiting preacher Dr Carol Tomlin. Whatever you are going through as a child of God, fear not, it may be a setup from on high.

  • Christian Faith (Rev Cleveland Bertram)

    Focusing on Romans 11:6 and 12:4 Rev Cleveland Bertram takes a looks at Christian faith as expounded by the apostle Paul in the masterpiece that is the book of Romans.